I'm so hung under


Had lunch with melissa, who has the most tiny perfect body i have ever seen. We decided after some sushi and brainstorming to go shoot at this ditch i had seen a while back. I was kinda worried about shooting at 2pm, figured the light would be a big problem. We were able to find some shade though and seriously all the pictures taken were keepers. Having such a good time editing these…her skin is so responsive to tone changes and dodging+burning. Here’s my first few edits, more coming soon!

Long day in downtown hell →

Went to downtown Seattle with my friend Katy whom I met by chance at warped tour last year. She is absolutely the most beautifulest woman in the world and so much fun to be around.



  • Find parking in what we both agree on is a near impossible place to park
  • Find Pikes Place Market
  • Go to the original Starbucks
  • Do not understand an asian lady talk about knives she’s selling, then ask what it was made out of and have her respond; “I just told you”
  • Give a dollar and a hug to a bumb, and then have her ask about tampons. All within 20 seconds.
  • get hookah supplies
  • get your car towed…we were too excited to read any signs…
  • forget having the towing place nearby..if you want your car youre gunna have to swim across Lake Union to get it back
  • get GPS to switch the addresses of towing lots so you have to go to the wrong one first

Still beautiful and photogenic even right after her car got towed